Microscope Vincent Chevalier (c.1835)

Vincent Chevalier (Paris 1770-1841) was the son of Louis Vincent Chevalier, the first of a great series of opticians and mathematicians who built different optical instruments such as lucid cameras and microscopes and actively participated in the development of this type of instrument. Other famous manufacturers such as Lerebours, Nachet, Verick or Hartnack worked with them.
After his father's death (1805) he continued building instruments until, together with his brother Charles, he presented his first design in 1823. He established himself at 69 Quai de l'Horlige until his death in 1841 but previously, in 1833, he separated professionally from his brother. I produced achromatic microscopes in collaboration with Selligue and, later, according to Eulen's models.

This microscope is an example of the first ones he made after the separation of his brother. It is of the achromatic type and was built between 1833 and 1841. The focus, contrary to the usual later, was due to the elevation of the observation platform and it still did not have a fine focus


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