Microscope "The Diagnostic". Charles Baker (c.1895)

Charles Baker (1814-1893) was one of the most famous English manufacturers of the 19th century, building a wide variety of scientific instruments and preparations for microscopes. He was as well known and prestigious in one field as in the other. He was established in 1851 at 244 High Holborn in London and the company continued for many years after his death. His products are highly coveted today, although some of them are quite abundant.

This microscope was made from a design by Sir Ronald Ross (1857-1932), who discovered the malaria parasite for use by British medical officers in India for the specific detection of this disease. The microscope is completely foldable and as accessories it used to include 2 eyepieces and 2 objectives, although in this case one of the first has been replaced by a third objective. It is perfectly preserved and retains most of the original gold lacquer.

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