Microscope Nachet et Fils  (c.1856)

Camille Sebastian Nachet (1799-1881) was a Parisian optician who began by producing lenses for the well-known microscope manufacturer Chevalier, later setting up his own business. The first of them were of the drum type, in the image and likeness of those that were made in those days to gradually introduce their own and unmistakable models, which were imitated by other manufacturers. At the London exhibition of 1851 he received an award for the quality of his lens and surpassed in recognition that of his master of his Chevalier of his. Along with Oberhauser, these  are considered the best in France of the 19th century and in fact, Nachet is the only one that has maintained the brand until today.

This microscope is perfectly preserved. It has the name and address engraved on the support of the main tube and, thanks to the latter, we can deduce that it was built in its first years as a manufacturer, in the period between 1856 and 1862 when it had its headquarters at 16 Serpente Street in Paris. The focus method is by sliding the tube and has a fine adjustment mechanism. It is equipped with three original objectives, thread before RMS, three eyepieces and a camera lucida.


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