Microscope Bausch & Lomb "Physician" (c.1886)

This well-known optical company was founded by two German emigrants, John J. Bausch (1830-1926) and Henry Lomb (1828-1908) in 1866, although their relationship dates back to before 1850. They began manufacturing frames for glasses and later expanded their business with whole glasses and small microscopes. In 1874 they manufactured their first compound microscope and by 1900 they had already manufactured more than 30,000 units, leading the American market and reaching third place in the world. In 1890 they contacted Carl Zeiss to market and manufacture their patents.

Excellent and elegant perfectly preserved brass microscope, serial number 10541, made in approximately 1886 and presented to Dr. Adams in 1889. This is a magnificent microscope that measures 30cm in the closed position, but can be unfolded to beyond 40cm. cm, It is accompanied by 7 original objectives, 3”, 2”, 1 ½”, 1”, ½”, ¼” and 1/8”, as well as 4 eyepieces and other accessories such as analyzer, polarizer and condenser. All of them are perfectly preserved and most of them are signed by the same manufacturer. The microscope has a glass viewing platform on a swivel base for oblique light observations of opaque objects. Beneath it there is a light regulation system using disks and a concavo-convex mirror that preserves the original silver. The finish is gold lacquer, perfectly preserved, as if it had hardly been used. All this is housed in a beautiful, original wooden box.