Microscope H&W Crouch (c.1866)

The brothers Henry and William Crouch began working for Smith, Beck & Beck, undoubtedly one of the best and most influential manufacturers in history in the 1950s. They later became independent and started their own business, which Henry continued alone until the 1980s.

The microscope is serial number 273 and was made shortly after the Crouch brothers left Smith, Beck & Beck in 1866. It is constructed primarily of brass and polished bronze and is supported by a type of base known as a “deck”. inverted foot. Focusing is achieved with a rack and pinion system that moves the tube and optics, complete with a fine adjustment mechanism located at one end of the main tube. The observation deck is covered with black glass and allows a rotating movement. Movements in the horizontal plane are achieved by moving the slide holder. This microscope model was recognized as one of the best for medical students, since despite its robustness and dimensions, it could be easily transported and had a good number of accessories. This specimen is equipped with 6 objectives, 2 eyepieces, objective exchanger turret, analyzer and polarizer with Nicol prism, light limiting discs, condenser, object holder tweezers, external magnifying glass (bullseye), object holder for living organisms (live box) and camera lucida, all in perfect condition. In the closed position it measures 36 cm and can be extended up to 45 cm in height.

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