Microscope Andrew Pritchard (c.1845)

Andrew Pritchard (1804-1882) was one of the first and foremost producers of microscope slides in 19th century England, establishing his business in the late 1920s and working until his early retirement in 1852. He was briefly associated with Hugh Powell, one of the most renowned manufacturers of microscopes, with whom he shared knowledge. He was known and highly respected as a maker of optical instruments and the author of numerous scientific books. Between 1827 and 1839 his establishment was at 18 Picked Street and later moved to 162 Fleet Street.

Excellent and elegant brass microscope in mint condition in its original cherrywood case, signed on the base and main tube by the maker, with the address of Fleet Street, making it after 1839 and before 1852 when he retired. The microscope is accompanied by a set of accessories in perfect condition, consisting of 2 lenses of different magnifications, two tweezers for placing objects and a "live box" for observing live animals. The gold lacquer is original and excellently preserved with only light scratches and mottling. In its normal working position it measures about 35 cm. The box is also in good condition, keeping the original lock but not the key. Its dimensions are 28 x 16 x 6.5 cm.

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