Microscope R&J Beck "The Economic" (c.1890)

The origin of the company is found in the union of James Smith with the nephew of the famous designer of objectives for microscopes J.J. Lister, Richard Beck in 1847 after employing him as an apprentice. In 1857, the latter's brother, Joseph, joined the company, renaming it Smith&Beck&Beck. In 1865 the founder retired, and the name of the company changed again, this time to the definitive R&J Beck that lasted until the 20th century. The Beck brothers were characterized by introducing a good number of economical models to the market that put microscopes within the reach of many people with very high quality. Among them, the No. 1 and No. 2 stand out as higher level models and the No. 3 (“Popular”) and No. 4 (“Universal”) as cheaper models. Other famous models were "La Lechera", "El Economico" and finally the "Star". The lenses of the two ranges were also different, but still maintained a very high quality.

Elegantly designed binocular microscope with a complete collection of accessories signed on the base with the manufacturer's name and serial number, in a magnificent mahogany case. The accessories are all original and in perfect condition. The set is made up of 5 lenses of different magnifications, a "live box" for observing live animals, tweezers, magnifying glass, analyzer and polarizer for observations with polarized light, condenser and light regulator, as well as a camera lucida to draw the objects viewed. . The observation platform, characteristic of this model, is made of glass and incorporates a mechanism to move the preparations. The original gold lacquer is excellently preserved with only minor scratches and mottling. The mirror is double-sided, concave and convex. In its minimum position it measures 34 cm. The mahogany case is also immaculate, retaining the original lock and key. It also has the upper handle and is prepared to accommodate many accessories.

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